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Gut Brain: get in touch with your deeper truth! Let go and flow!

We commonly talk about « trusting one’s gut instinct » or having a « gut feeling ».

This ancestral knowledge is rooted in our language. In the modern days however, more and more people suffer from digestive problems and food intolerance.

The Chinese Taoist thinking declares that Man is both part of his environment and is affected by it. They understand health as a state of  harmonious exchanges betwin the outer and inner environment: there is good adaptation and balance when homeostasy is maintained.

 Ancient taoists observed that due to different conditions, humans develop energy blockages in their bodies, particularly in their internal organs. That results in various knots and tangles in the abdomen. These blockages obstruct the natural flow of our life energy force, known as Chi, and left unaddressed will influence the Body on the physical, emotional and spiritual level.

This can be the result of daily stresses, or negative emotions like anger, anxiety, worry, or depression that cause tensions. External factors such as overwork, drugs, stress, weather, bad diet, and poor posture also come into play. Very often  lower-back pains are associated with tensions  in the abdomen area, particularly ilio-psoas muscles spasmodic tension. The body is understood from a holistic angle.

Since the late 60’s, it has been scientifically verified that:

 “the colloquialisms gut instinct, gut feelings and even gut wisdom, have a robust anatomical and physiological basis.” ~Peter A. Levine, PhD, best-selling author of the book In an unspoken voice, How the Body Releases Trauma and restores Goodness.

-we have more nerve cells in the bowel than in the spine!

-the guts tube has approximately the same number of neurotransmitters than the brain: some hundred million.

-major cells of the immune system are also found in the gut, as well as a couple of dozen neuropeptides (small brain proteins).

What can I do to improve my resiliency to stress and live a happier life?

Here are a few suggestions:

  • experience Chi Nei Tsang* and Shiatsu to help bring your breath and body together, release tension in your abdomen and improve your life energy
  • Join us to a Somatic Movement Exploration to practice full-body presence, learn new tools to be present in every organ, tissue and cell of your body

These are safe, empowering ways to learn to balancing your nervous system, self-regulate,  in order to feel good in your own body and Life, even in a city as fast paced than Hong Kong.

  • Detox, Qi Gong or Yoga practice and Cranio-sacral Therapy to name a few, are other profoundly transformative options. Check it out to find what suits you best, at White Lotus Centre.


Great article about Somatic Movement Education and the Gut Brain, here.

You may also want to read The Second Brain, by Michael Gershon, Chairman of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology at New York–Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center, expert in neurogastroenterology.

Here is to Life at its best!

Looking forward to be in touch with you!




*Kay Ross, Marketing Consultant / Comedian / Healer, shares her experience with Chi Nei Tsang:

“I had a series of three Chi Nei Tsang massages with Anne. I sometimes felt my body shaking as deep tension was released. I especially liked how the massages included the use of sound – as I was making the various sounds, I could feel the vibration in my tissues. That loosened up the tension in my chest and abdomen, and I could feel my organs becoming unstuck and moving more freely. I could breathe more deeply, and my heart felt more relaxed and open.”

~ Kay Ross, Hong Kong.