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‘In-wellness’: body-mind integration with Somatics.

Somatic means “from the perspective of the body”

We learn about ourselves and about the world from our own physical being experience.

Somatics Hong Kong at The Moving Touch

We shift our perspective: the body and its felt-sense, are being experienced from being a subject  rather than being objectified.

 I am convinced that in meeting oneself openly, through increased physical awareness, there is no greater freedom.
~ Anne

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Anne is certified in:

  • Somatic Experiencing® Practitioner
SE, restores resilience to the body’s responses to stress and trauma, so you can respond to life’s challenges with increased energy, motivation, clarity.

The Somatic Experiencing theory derives that a human’s autonomic nervous system (ANS) is dysfunctional in relation to automatically regulating the release of energy associated with the sudden arousal during trauma. This technique focuses on targeting the (ANS)’s own ability to regulate and restore itself to balance in order to allow a client to regain a normal level of functioning after experiencing a trauma. This is done by gently and safely guiding individuals to develop increasing tolerance for difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions.

  • Somatic Movement Education and therapy,
Body-Mind Movement ( BMM) is a technique which is part of the Somatic Education field (SME)
which was developed in the USA. The term ‘soma’ means ‘of the body’, and this technique aims to help us learn about ourselves and about the world from our own physical being

Somatic movement education and therapy is the process of awakening awareness of the human body in its natural movement that feels good, to sense,feel and free  the body as a subject perspective rather than being objectified.

Registered practitioners guide individuals and groups into inner experiences of their bodies, deepening their   understanding of themselves in motion.

Somatic movement  refers to movement that is sensed and shaped from within, rather than from an external source. Movement is Life. Somatic Movement is the art of getting the mind connected with the body in order to listen to the stories our body has to tell, to free the holding patterns, and offering new possibilities: regain balance, freedom of movement, increased vitality and creativity,  build resilience, and better meet life’s challenges.

This technique promotes well- being and personal transformation through touch, movement exploration, imagery and experiencing the anatomical structure. With this method we explore the relationship of our body within its different parts and systems and their relationship to our way of being and feeling.

We look into anatomy and physiology of the body from the perspective of health. We learn to tune into our body’s different layers by means of exercises such as stretching, breathing, self-massage, guided visualization, body alignment and movement and others.

These bodily experiences allow you to meet with yourself, perceive your bodily organization and increase your range of movement and expression through your own physical self, helping you to generate complete well-being.

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