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do-in, dynamic meditation

Zen and imagery exercises for health and peace of mind.

Do-In is a form of Dao Yin that is further developed in Japan. It is a system of gentle exercises that promote your energy flow. Do-In combines gentle and effective meridian (conduit of vital energy in the body used in Acupuncture) stretches and mobilizations, with meditative and breathing techniques as well as self-acupressure.

This practice is believed to be at the origin of the discovery of the meridians, when our ancestors were closely attuned to nature’s cycles. It improves the mind-body awareness and the circulation of energies which is considered a base for a healthy life in oriental therapies.

You will learn ancestral, simple and effective ways to quieten your mind, strengthen your Ki (Chi, or vital energy) release tensions and improve your vitality as energy flows into your body.IMG_1325

Movements for health are justly named as I truly felt invigorated after a session led by Anne. Anne first demonstrated the movements while giving clear explanations about each posture. Then, she helped me to perform them in a safe and effective way. I was amazed by the cross-over of Do In philosophy with modern embryological knowledge. A gem for health not to be missed! ~ Florence Leo, Osteopath.

What does “Do In” stand for?

Do In originates from Taoism and is a practice that is in harmony with nature.

DO IN AN KYO commonly refers to a range of self ( Do In) /duet ( An Kyo) stretching and mobilizations, self-massage and breathing exercises aiming at resting and calming the mind.

Do In An kyo improves the circulation of energy, a basic belief in oriental therapies, which is considered a base for an healthy life. We can compare it to Qi Gong and Tai Qi disciplines that seek vitality and longevity.

Do In An Kyo traveled from India to China and Japan. According to the founder of IOKAI Shiatsu, Master Shizuto Masunaga Sensei (1925-1981) this practice is at the origins of the experiential discovery of the Meridians pathways.

This practice, based on improving the corporal consciousness, helping the person’s awareness of his/her body and hence his/her interconnection to the environment.

In practicing these exercises we aim at helping maintaining the free flow of life energy (KI or QI or Prana) in the body, creating harmony and flexibility between the body and its environment.

The concept of Ki 気 (Japanese word for vital energy)

We are made of vital functions and organs, which work together for our health and help us communicate and adapt to our environment.

Ki is the mother of the organs. It creates the form – the manifestations of life.
Form in turns nourishes the Ki

Through the practice of these movement, vital energy circulation along to breath awareness improves, the body gets more flexible as it recovers its natural resiliency and vitality.



Body flexibility



Energy level


Peace of mind




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