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“our deepest wounds surround our greatest gifts”- Ken Page

“Trauma is much more than a story about the past that explains why people are frightened, angry or out of control. Trauma is re-experienced in the present, not as a story, but as profoundly disturbing physical sensations and emotions that may not be consciously associated with memories of past trauma. Terror, rage and helplessness are manifested as bodily reactions, like a pounding heart, nausea, gut-wrenching sensations and characteristic body movements that signify collapse, rigidity or rage…. The challenge in recovering from trauma is to learn to tolerate feeling what you feel and knowing what you know without becoming overwhelmed. There are many ways to achieve this, but all involve establishing a sense of safety and the regulation of physiological arousal.”

Bessel Van Der Kolk on Trauma, Development and Healing”By David Bullard.

This very clear description of trauma made me reflect on my personal and professional journey. Over the past 10 years, IOKAI Shiatsu, Body-Mind Movement Education, Somatic Experiencing and Tension Release Exercises are tools I am grateful to have encountered and developed.

I investigated on how Body-Mind-Emotions-Behavior and Environment are inter-related. How we can work with pain, anger and fear rather than holding on to them, as well as the possibilities to strengthen the roots of our profound resiliency. Through my studies I came to see all therapeutic disciplines as non-separated. As well as to approach health and wellness as a learning process.

I grew even more compassion out of our shared human, sometimes not so pleasurable experiences. I also learned the therapeutic value of rejoycing. I see all experiences as an opportunity to grow a better Self, and grow better connections, with yourself and others. Indeed, we are not separated beings either. It stroke me when as a foreigner studying resolving trauma in Asia, and even when I do not share the language, we all share the same depth and intensity of symptoms and love-ability.

So thank you to the Teachers, Life and dedicated Communities. Thank you my friends, clients, and partners, for being with me on this journey to empowering people and creating more connection and nurturing this movement of Life!



In-Wellness, a stress-management approach through Somatic and Embodiment.





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