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a journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.~ Lao Tseu

I cannot help but to share these graduation words from one of our dear teacher at The Center for Body-Mind Movement, Mary Lou.

Becoming a Somatic Movement Educator has been a wonderful healing journey, and she expresses it so well!

I feel honoured and thrilled to share this work to the world… And what is even better, is that it is only a beginning!

I thank my teachers, collegues, partners and friends whom I met and are my Sangha on this healing path of love!

“Congratulations Anne,…

… you have completed the Certification Program in Somatic Movement Education at the Center for BodyMind Movement.  This training, in concert with your spiritual practices, your transformational work in yourself and in the culture, and your other trainings, sets you ahead as a leader and a guide for those who seek the conscious journey into Self.

Charting the waters of lymph and blood, cerebospinal and synovial fluids, interstitial, transitional and cellular fluids, you have gained access to the inner seas deep within your human form. Your ability to navigate these waters can lead you to the oceanic life forms of the ancestors.  Your ability to go into the nothingness of matter and the everythingness of energy gives you powerful tools for your medicine bag.

Honoring the Great Mother, you can pass through the layer of periosteum to touch the mineral mines of compact bone and the ancient fluid of marrow. You have survived the initiation of the primitive gut tube, now you can share its soft support with others. Your ability to listen to your heart and move within its chambers, gliding between pericardium and pleura, is a gift you can bring to awaken others into consciousness.

You have evolved from breathing through water into breathing through air. You have journeyed on the vibrational bonds of oxygen molecules, as they move into your lungs, your blood vessels, and into your heart, to burst through the cardiac valves, pulse into tissue beds, and, transformed into carbon dioxide, ultimately make the journey home, back to the heart, back through your lungs into the universe.  Living the cycle of the symbiotic connection with Nature, you know first hand of the joys and the sorrows of the cyclic journey. You are a guide for others to embark on their exploration. Your ability to inspire can spread like fire.

You have awakened all your senses and traveled from branches of many nerves to visit the center of your hypothalamus, tuning your perceptual abilities, honing the broadband of sensory awareness. You have felt the fire of reflexive responses and you will enjoy the fluid excitement of the Nervous System. You have looked deep within yourself and have vowed to be present in this moment, to become “like a baby.” And in this, you bring the wisdom of past, present and future. You bring the energy of the glands. You carry the fire.

Each journey you have embarked upon has given you a special gift.  You hold all of these gifts within the cells of your body.  You must never doubt your skills yet you must always embrace the unknown with open arms.  Follow the lead of your senses and the special sense organs within the skin of your hands.  When in doubt, remember your ancestors and all the knowledge that is stored within you, waiting to be tapped.  Remember each hand that guided you inward and allow that resonance to comfort you when you feel alone or afraid.  Remember this circle and all the collective wisdom that we share.  For your work is essential to the health of our world and doubt is only a manifestation in the mind of wounded areas not yet healed.  Continue to heal and grow and bless the world with each of your blossoms as they continue to open.

Mary Lou”Certificate SME Anne Cousin

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