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The Moving Touch

vibrate love, sessions for 2~

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. Hubert H. Humphrey Valentine is coming, and I rejoice in the love and loving kindness I am feeling and witness around, among couples, families, friends, communities. These past years I  was reminded as a woman and a therapist, that one cannot serve from an empty vessel, even with the best of intention and that life … [Read more...] about vibrate love, sessions for 2~

joy, the vibration of life~

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain~ J. Campbell Let's celebrate once more the Vibration of Life with 2 simple and easy exercises to re-discover inner tranquility, foster positivity and share your joy with the world. Chinese New Year is here, with its amazing blue sky and crisp air. We can sense, still in the midst of winter, the … [Read more...] about joy, the vibration of life~

allergy and hay fever with natural shiatsu

Are you among the many people who suffer from the symptoms associated with aller­gies? The most common sites for allergic reac­tions are the respiratory tract and the skin. It is the body’s own histamine reaction to foreign mat­ter that creates the symptoms of hay fever such as sneezing and eye-watering around the eyes and the nasal mu­cous membranes. But allergy can also … [Read more...] about allergy and hay fever with natural shiatsu

monkey year, pause and reflect. essence of richness to life

I saw in the street this morning, a respectful old lady walking down stairs, at a slow pace, her umbrella as a cane on one hand and her daughter by her side, supporting her other arm with care. I was reminded to appreciate now, these legs that allows me to move freely. Health is nowadays acknowledged to have physical, emotional, social, environmental and Spiritual component … [Read more...] about monkey year, pause and reflect. essence of richness to life

merry lively 2016~

I am inspired to share with you  poems, to celebrate the wonders of Life and our felt senses. Cheers to flexible body-Minds, and resilient wholehearted living beings. As ever, let's cultivate playful curiosity, deepening your presence to ourselves and others. I am super warmhearted and excited to share that I am going to Assist on the 2016 Somatic Experiencing … [Read more...] about merry lively 2016~