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monkey year, pause and reflect. essence of richness to life

I saw in the street this morning, a respectful old lady walking down stairs, at a slow pace, her umbrella as a cane on one hand and her daughter by her side, supporting her other arm with care. I was reminded to appreciate now, these legs that allows me to move freely.

Health is nowadays acknowledged to have physical, emotional, social, environmental and Spiritual component to it.
Beyond the physical reality of aging, the duo touched me as an example of the importance of our social network and compassionate relationships (that are in nature challenging at times). As we go through life, they provide inestimable support and richness to life.

The duo reminded me of the essence of my practice and the many layers that are inter connected in our life.
Iokai Shiatsu (also called Zen Shiatsu even though it has no religious roots )’s main tool of diagnosis-treatment, is  a supportive touch, a technique that does not use strength.
In other words, two lives supporting each other, just like the lady was supporting the elbow of her mother.
This art is rooted in TE ATE , (The Hand of a mother, or the hand that cures with a respectful, non-invasive touch).
It is beyond knowledge as we think it and requires years of practice to relearn something natural.

You surely experienced that in case of pain, your first instinctual reaction is to soothe yourself or your child by lending your hand? In that case, there is no question that you simply know exactly how and where to place your palm; “just like that” from the heart.

This new year of the Fire Monkey, with its dominating fire element and lack of water, can lead to casualties and emotional out-bursts. According to a Tibetan saying, “take care of the minutes and the years take care of themselves”. Therefore, I encourage you to pause and reflect, even for a moment, and catch the essence of what it means to us to be in balance on our two feet and beyond.

恭喜发财 Kung Hei Fat Choy and San Tai Kin Hong (reverent joy, prosperity and good health) 
健康快乐像马猴, with the health and happiness of the Monkey!

Anne Cousin