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Shiatsu and the cycles of a woman’s life: beyond pregnancy.

SHIATSU (which literally means Finger Pressure in Japanese) is a traditional form of Japanese body-work that was usually practiced within the families, and by midwives. It is an officially recognized Massage Therapy in Japan, and has become very popular in Western countries over the last 15 years.

Zen Shiatsu is rooted in the well-known in Asia tradition of TE ATE: innate healing/soothing power of hands, as well as in Oriental Traditional Medicine holistic approach to life.

After delivery it was customary for Japanese women to rest for two weeks in bed to avoid exhaustion and depression. After the two weeks passed women would begin Shiatsu therapy again to help bring the muscles to life, and help the now nursing and caring mother recover more quickly.

A well deserved attention to be the best mother possible.

Here is Fumi Parkinson ‘s shared experience:

“I went to experience Anne’s shiatsu to relax and refresh, and to have work done on my pelvis, after giving birth.
I was feeling exhausted, stiff, and had pain in various parts of my body but within a single sesison Anne had me feeling completely refreshed and restored!In just one session I was able to deeply recover.
I was so relieved to discover that Anne’s studio was peaceful and tranquil, and that her shiatsu was of such high quality. This made it possible for me to fully relax and enjoy the experience. There are a lot of massage ‘therapists’ in Hong Kong but very few with the skill, care, heart and presence of Anne.

As a Japanese shiatsu practitioner myself, I have given and received many sessions.

This was one of the best shiatsu experiences I have every had and this is due to Anne’s unique style combining her expertise in Somatic Movement and Shiatsu.
I deeply appreciate the years of professional development she has invested in herself so that we can experience such a rare and special therapy here in Hong Kong.
I would definitely recommend the 90 minute session!”

Fumi – A grateful Japanese customer (thank you Anne. I’m glad that I don’t need to return to Japan to get Shiatsu Therapy)

So if you are a new mother, congratulations!!!

Come and visit us at A Mother’s Touch. We can help you look into some holistic options for your baby and you,  and perhaps you’d like to try a Shiatsu session for yourself.

Here is to Life at its Happiest! Hoping to see you soon!


Anne Cousin.

Certified European IOKAI Shiatsu Practitioner.