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Shiatsu and the cycles of a woman’s life: an easy pregnancy!

Natasha Audoye, Regional Office Manager in Hong Kong shares her experience:

” I started receiving bi-monthly Shiatsu sessions with Anne about 6 months before I got pregnant. At that time I was travelling a lot, and felt the need for something that would allow me to take my life back instead of being just driven by my agenda. I was afraid not to be able to become a mother and starting to feel desperate.

Shiatsu helped me recover faster from jetlag, improving my sleep and stabilising my mood. She recommended me to alternate with an Acupuncturist as well, and to take a few sessions with a coach, which I did. I do believe too in a holistic combined approach. I could feel my digestive system strengthening and warming my abdomen as my energy level improved. When I became pregnant, she was the first person I told.

I kept to my routine until I was 7 months pregnant, when I went back home in France. Shiatsu helped me a great deal with my symptoms: insomnia, nausea, water retention and it also kept my energy level at its best.

The last 2 times I saw Anne, she worked on easing lower back pains: my belly was getting really big! As my body relaxed, I could feel my baby giggling. I am sure that my baby also benefited from it! I felt really connected to him. Today, he is a very energetic baby boy, with a great temper! We are in love!

I experience Shiatsu as a technique that goes beyond simple body-work. It is a gentle alternative approach, natural, rather than the rather over-whelming feeling medication can produce. I recommend it 200% as an accompaniment of your pregnancy.”~Natasha.