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happy new year

“To start the year, I am inspired to share my Nepalese experience.

happynewyear2015On the plane back from Kathmandu to Hong Kong, I met a woman, who after suffering a great loss, went travelling for 7 months, in search of her inner compass. The inner compass theme has been a recurrent one for me last year. I want, like all of us, to have a sense of a meaningful, fruitful life. Letting go of things we are holding on to is not easy and you have to remind yourself every day to do it. My question was how do I find this inner compass, if I let go? The answer that came to me, more strongly from my Nepalese experience : from the heart. Sit back, listen, and let your truth in the moment sink in. Then, act.

While I was pondering whether to go to Nepal or to beloved Thailand, an unknown man in the street asked me ” Where was the Buddha’s birth place?”…Lumbini, Nepal. There was my choice, and since at the same time my friends were setting up a Medical Camp, I decided to go, and help them.

The first step was to let go of any plans! We got delayed by new laws, and the team had to wait for a medical permit and local doctors to join our team. It all happened in Nepali time, that is, slowly, on the 26th and 27th of December, with the magic of the people all working together, dedicated to their family, village and country. The theme this year, was the women’s health and voice.

You find yourself better there, raw, simple, in touch with your life essence and what matters.

Maybe is it because the senses are strongly stimulated by colors, sound, smells, crowds, and mountain views;

Maybe is it because every day the 2 meals are the same: Dhal Bat  (delicious lentil soup, veggies curry ), cooked the ancient way with the veggies grown on their own land, and by their hard work;

Maybe is it because of the (most of the times) cold water showers from the Annapurnas,

And maybe is it because, people there still strive for meeting the most basic needs, and have a strong sense of community:

that in these conditions, the Heart shows up.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I shall let you enjoy these bellow… It was a pleasure to join the NGO Share Nepal, and my friends from the USA to practice Shiatsu, even for only a day, in lovely Nepal. ”

Namaste and Happy New Year 2014 to you!


Pictures here.

Share Nepal NGO, in Karminanda, Nepal.