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Shiatsu and the cycles of a woman’s life : becoming pregnant.

Shiatsu is a very gentle and caring yet deep approach. It can be of great help and support when a woman wants to become a mother, especially if she has been trying for a long time, and is experiencing difficulties.

The Shiatsu sessions aim at being supportive of the natural life flow in the person’s body. A Shiatsu practitioner welcomes the person at the very moment of her existence and her experience, at the point of now.  Your life experiences combine with your physical self, storing in your body and making you into a unique creation. No-one else has your story: no-one else is you, and the sessions encompass all of this. Physical, emotional and mental aspects flow together and so much comes up and so much is processed…Gradually tensions are eased, and the body KI (life energy in Japanese, or in Chinese, Qi) is strengthened. And as the tension releases and the Ki gets stronger, the recipient begins to feel complete, to know that she owns her body, it is in her power. She develops the confidence to know she can give Life. The mental and emotional strengthening work to enhance the physical body: working as a whole and complete being, the woman can be empowered herself and allow a new life to form.

Below is a testimonial from a person I was gifted to work with, sharing her felt experience:

“I went to Anne for shiatsu treatment after a miscarriage which had left me stressed and upset and I generally felt out of sync with my body and, to be honest, with life itself. I was gifted with a session from a friend and afterwards I felt much more grounded and settled. I followed up with Anne and started to see her regularly. My periods became regular which I had always had problems with and without as much cramping. By the time I had my last session with Anne (as life took us in different geographical directions) I will never forget what she said: “Your system feels great. It just feels like it is functioning really well”. She hadn’t said this before. I shortly afterwards found out I was pregnant and had a great pregnancy and a beautiful little girl. I honestly believe that, although my system may have got there over time, Anne smoothed a difficult transitional time of my life and eased my body back into an equilibrium which I really could not find for myself. Thank you Anne”~ L.B WDC, USA.


Tell me more, what is energy?

Life comes from energy (for instance, the metabolism in your body) and life needs to be in movement to be healthy, as much as it moves ( it is vibrant) when there is vitality.

The movement of life could be seen as an energy circulation manifestation. Blood is a quality of energy (it is more YIN), and is much needed to conceive a baby. Blood warms up the body, and nourishes it.

However, when tired, or stressed, the body can be experiencing blood deficiency, creating coldness, leading to more stress. Here we can see how the physical body influences the emotional state and how that disturbed emotional state subsequently upsets the body, leading to more emotional distress, and onwards in a vicious circle. Shiatsu, acupuncture, gentle exercise, proper food, self-caring and understanding can help you restore your balance.

You deserve, simply, to feel good, and you can allow touch to move you, helping you take a step towards letting Life itself move you. When life touches your heart, you really connect to your true self, and become confident in the ability of your body to heal and balance itself. The fear and worry stops. You can stop asking yourself: “But what if….? What if it all goes wrong?” Then your body can breathe and open to life. It can move more freely and fully.

Your Spirit moves freely!

Have you noticed the healthy, happy special glow on the face of a child? or on a pregnant woman’s face? In Chinese Medicine Theory, it is called SHEN: they say it is the Spirit of the Heart shining through.

Self-compassion is the best medicine, and taking care of yourself is well deserved, in any ways you know. Don’t be afraid to look after yourself and treat your body with the love it needs.  OPEN YOUR HEART, MOVE YOUR BODY, YOUR EMOTIONS, YOUR ENERGY, AND MOST OF ALL: KEEP SMILING!

So if you are trying to get pregnant, congratulations!!! Come and visit us at A Mother’s Touch. We can help you look into some holistic options and perhaps you’d like to try a Shiatsu session for yourself.

Here is to Life at its Happiest! Hoping to see you soon!

Anne Cousin.



Here is an article* extract, by Helen Hunt, from The London Women’s Shiatsu Clinic, that I am happy to share with you :

” Shiatsu is one of the oldest forms of medicine; healing with hands (Lundberg, 1992), and with the increasing advances in technology within the medical world and more specifically within Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Shiatsu can maintain the balance and the humanness of medicine, keeping the essence of healing alive. Shiatsu isn’t solely the administering of physical techniques; Jarmey and Mojay (1991) present another aspect of Shiatsu stating that: “the spirit of Shiatsu is one of communication through touch. Shiatsu which is responsive to the recipient’s needs cannot be achieved by technical skill and intellectual study alone. To be effective, it requires sensitivity in order to feel and positively influence the quality of vitality within the recipient. Vitality is the basis of health, and reflects the strength and harmony of Ki circulation. Shiatsu which is sensitive and supportive both tonifies and corrects the flow of Ki, thereby helping to restore vitality and prevent disease.” Whilst technological and pharmacological advances within this speciality are necessary and positive in the diagnosis and treatment of the conditions which affect women, in order to keep medicine and healthcare personal and grounded, a modality such as Shiatsu can bring both a healing system with its foundations in TCM but also provide care in its most simplistic form: touch, something which today is overlooked in medicine.”

You can read the full article* here .