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Shiatsu and Somatic Bodywork treatments before and during my pregnancy

photorachelleI have been going to Anne for a number of times for Shiatsu and Somatic Bodywork treatments before and during my pregnancy with my second child. I believe that part of the reason for my pregnancy really going well so far at 36wks, is because of receiving regular treatments to balance all the imbalances that can so easily occur during pregnancy, due to the numerous hormonal changes in the body.
Anne has a very sensitive and exceptional ability to listen to what the body presents and it is easy to relax in her nurturing, reassuring and confident presence. In her therapeutic work she has trained to include both Shiatsu and Somatic Bodywork, which she can combine skilfully and beautifully.

I have found the combination to have a very powerful and supportive effect – especially her verbal guidance brings a deep body/mind relaxation, integration and awareness.

Shiatsu can release physical, emotional and mental tension or blockages through the stimulation of specific points on the Asian acupressure meridian system. This stimulation of both the (lack) yin and (excess) yang energy presented in the body and organs helps to balance and restore the body’s innate healing ability. As in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu both facilitates the body to resolve and prevent pain and illness.

Through Somatic Experiencing (TM) and BodyMindMovement Education and Therapy, Anne guides your body through subtle, natural movements to restore and resolve blockages or even trauma that has been consciously or unconsciously stored in the body.
This movement therapy gently and safely guides you to increase your ability to tolerate difficult bodily sensations and suppressed emotions, which is very helpful during pregnancy and especially birth. The treatment continues to work, as in Osteopathy and other therapeutic bodywork, and will take its natural time to integrate and settle in the newness of your balanced body for a few days after the treatment. It is therefore important to wait a few days after the treatment before doing any other therapeutic bodywork or strenuous exercise.

In pregnancy and preferably even before pregnancy, I believe it is our duty as women to detoxify, clarify, heal to prepare our bodies to the best of our abilities and give our children the utmost chance of being healthy and experiencing a safe and easy as possible birth. I can truly recommend Anne’s therapeutic work if you share my belief and would allow her to guide your body to heal and open towards your natural mind/body awareness and increase the confidence in your body’s ability to experience a healthy pregnancy, conscious birth and as a result a more content and happy baby.
Rachelle Conradie, Discovery Bay HK (36 wks pregnant, 10 Nov 2015)
Nia Technique  & creative movement facilitator, yogini, editor and mother