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vibrate love, sessions for 2~

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. Hubert H. Humphrey Valentine is coming, and I rejoice in the love and loving kindness I am feeling and witness around, among couples, families, friends, communities. These past years I  was reminded as a woman and a therapist, that one cannot serve from an empty vessel, even with the best of intention and that life … [Read more...] about vibrate love, sessions for 2~

is choosing the mind over the body a real choice?

I came across a wonderful article LET IT R.A.I.N written by Rick Hanson, (Phd Neuropsychologist; Author, 'Hardwiring Happiness') asking: “what can we do to reclaim, use, enjoy, and be at peace with our whole estate -- without being overwhelmed by its occasional swamps and fumes? In other words, how can you be “at home in your own skin or your own mind”? It is true and often … [Read more...] about is choosing the mind over the body a real choice?

happy new year

"To start the year, I am inspired to share my Nepalese experience. On the plane back from Kathmandu to Hong Kong, I met a woman, who after suffering a great loss, went travelling for 7 months, in search of her inner compass. The inner compass theme has been a recurrent one for me last year. I want, like all of us, to have a sense of a meaningful, fruitful life. Letting go of … [Read more...] about happy new year

why shiatsu for pregnant women…

SHIATSU (which literally means Finger Pressure in Japanese) is a traditional form of Japanese body-work that was usually practiced within the families, and by midwives. It is an officially recognized Massage Therapy in Japan, and has become very popular in Western countries over the last 15 years. Zen Shiatsu is rooted in the well-known in Asia tradition of TE ATE: innate … [Read more...] about why shiatsu for pregnant women…