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why shiatsu for pregnant women…

SHIATSU (which literally means Finger Pressure in Japanese) is a traditional form of Japanese body-work that was usually practiced within the families, and by midwives. It is an officially recognized Massage Therapy in Japan, and has become very popular in Western countries over the last 15 years.

Zen Shiatsu is rooted in the well-known in Asia tradition of TE ATE: innate healing/soothing power of hands, as well as in Oriental Traditional Medicine holistic approach to life.

Anne has had the privilege to study the traditional way, under the supervision of Master Kasunori Sasaki Sensei, the founder of European IOKAI Shiatsu.

She employs the use of gentle pressure using her palms, fingers, and thumbs along meridians ( Traditional Chinese Medicine, energy channels similar to those used in acupuncture) running all over the body

Shiatsu is often experienced as “quite deep but not painful”.

It is a privileged time for women to live their pregnancy and nurture themselves.

Anne often compares to a form of communication through touch, as she listen with her hands to the body, and apply the Shiatsu in response to what the body shows.

A Shiatsu session, can help reduce back pain, leg pain, constipation, heartburn, water retention, nausea, insomnia and painful swelling in the extremities.

Anne is aware of the precautions associated to the pregnancy, and has since worked successfully in helping woman feeling more balanced in their life.

A weekly Shiatsu massage can help the mother to be being quite comfortable and really enjoy her pregnancy, with a feeling to come home to the body, being supported and connected to her baby.

After delivery it was customary for Japanese women to rest for two weeks in bed to avoid exhaustion and depression. After the two weeks passed women would begin Shiatsu therapy again to help bring the muscles to life, and help the now nursing and caring mother recover more quickly. A well deserve attention to be the best mother possible.

Shiatsu for pregnancy is a great support to this amazing time of life.