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Relax with a tennis ball!

Work your acupressure point GALL BLADDER 20.

Feng Chi, English translation: Wind pool.


It is useful for:

  • neck and shoulder tensions
  • migraines
  • headaches
  • eyes and ears problems

It is located right at the base of the skull, at the top of the back of the neck, in the soft depressions just lateral to the thick tendons of the trapezius muscle. The location of the point resembles a small pool within the landscape of the body and many of you will come upon it spontaneously, noticing that it just feels good to massage this spot.


Lying down, or resting on the back of a big chair, put two tennis balls tied into one sock, not too strongly, and work both sides of your neck at the same time. Simply place the balls into the groove between your spine and the sides of your neck, and below the base of your skull, and rest your head back onto them.

Remember to take advantage of your breath. Exhale slightly longer than usual.

Relax your eyes and the root of your tongue, alowing them to becoming very heavy and relaxed.

Experience this on a regular basis for a few  breath cycles.

Feel free to move the tennis balls to explore the baseline of your head, and along your neck, to find your favourite refreshing spots!


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Please share your experience and ask me any questions.

Of course, it will never feel as good and complete as a customized Shiatsu session where it is done for you by warm expert hands.

Zen Shiatsu is also called “the listening hands technique” and besides relieving tensions, people find it to provide the receiver with greater insight of his/her body as a whole. If you get a chance, experience it!

If you are in Hong Kong, ou may also visit us at White Lotus Centre and A Mother’s Touch where specialists work together to co-create  a supportive holistic approach to your wellbeing.



Certified European IOKAI Shiatsu Practitioner.