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body awareness

mindful and body-full

Recently, I was very happy to witness a client rapidly making changes to her life by adding counseling and yoga to her bi-monthly shiatsu sessions. She decided to commit to herself despite having a busy schedule. Health is nowadays more and more dependent on many components of one's history: social, familial, cultural, physical, emotional, environmental and spiritual. When … [Read more...] about mindful and body-full

what makes Shiatsu so unique?

Shiatsu in Japanese literally means “finger pressure”, yet this Japanese ancestral form of bodywork goes beyond simple massage technique. Jushas (Japanese word for the Shiatsu recipient) often report that they feel “nurtured, nourished, complete”, that they “received exactly what they needed”. How does Shiatsu work? Shiatsu promotes the healthy functioning of the organs. … [Read more...] about what makes Shiatsu so unique?

experiment self-massage with a tennis ball

Are you prone to headaches, migraines, tight jaws, poor memory, lack of focus?  Experiencing elbow and wrist pains? Then your upper body, neck and shoulders are probably very tight as well. When working on your computer, typing, reading, or even thinking about a complex situation, your energy is directed up to your head area where it is needed. The YANG ( active) … [Read more...] about experiment self-massage with a tennis ball