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soft belly meditation- Body Fullness

During my studies of Somatics I learned from my teacher Mark Taylor about the soft-belly practice that I would like to share with you. It is a great way to increase your awareness of the body and to let go of fear and emotions. When I facilitate a Chi Nei Tsang or Somatic treatment, often receiver respond with surprise to how many tensions their belly carry. Our "guts" … [Read more...] about soft belly meditation- Body Fullness

find a back stretch buddy!

Hard to focus at work?! Tired of staying at your computer desk? Take an office buddy Do IN AN KYO* break: *self/duet stretching and mobilisations , self-Shiatsu and breathing exercises to improve the circulation of energy, a basic belief in oriental therapies, which can be considered a base for a healthy life. Pick someone your own size, (it will be more comfortable, thus … [Read more...] about find a back stretch buddy!