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find a back stretch buddy!

Hard to focus at work?! Tired of staying at your computer desk?
Take an office buddy Do IN AN KYO* break:

*self/duet stretching and mobilisations , self-Shiatsu and breathing exercises to improve the circulation of energy, a basic belief in oriental therapies, which can be considered a base for a healthy life.

Pick someone your own size, (it will be more comfortable, thus efficient!) be very stable on your feet, preferably barefoot ( no socks on!).

  • Standing, feet shoulders  apart,  with your partner back to back, interlace your arms with your partner’s;
  • Breathe in and out, relax your body;
  • Engage your core muscles, and take a deeper , if possible abdominal, breath.
  • Then on the exhale, bend your knees to “hook “ your partner on your back, as you bend forward your upper body . Keep your chin slightly in, and a sense of conneciton from your head to heels.
  • The other person is playing “doll”, letting him/herself go. Enjoying the opening of the body  as the giver is closing his body.
  • Stay there, relaxing, for 2 or 3  deep abdominal breath cycles, simply enjoying the mutual spinal support.
  • Then on the next  exhale bring your partner back, very slowly.
  • Change roles.
  • How does it feel now in your lower back, spine, neck and shoulder areas? Doesn’t  it refresh you better than a jolt of caffeine!?
Whenever you experience feeling “stuck” or cramped at your desk try it. Do please submit your comments and questions to me, I would be happy to hear them!!
PSSS be smart :  in doubt refrain practising this exercise, especially if you experience back problem, without being shown how to do so, or asked your physician.


This type of exercise is acting on one of the great back meridians:

The Urinary Bladder.

Observe its pathway, and guess why it is important to keep its energy flowing.

Remember, energy and form ( body) are closely inter related~






Source: “The subtle body – An encyclopedia of your energetic anatomy”  Cyndi Dale – Sounds True.