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vibrate love, sessions for 2~

The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love. Hubert H. Humphrey Valentine is coming, and I rejoice in the love and loving kindness I am feeling and witness around, among couples, families, friends, communities. These past years I  was reminded as a woman and a therapist, that one cannot serve from an empty vessel, even with the best of intention and that life … [Read more...] about vibrate love, sessions for 2~

do-in, dynamic meditation

Zen and imagery exercises for health and peace of mind. Do-In is a form of Dao Yin that is further developed in Japan. It is a system of gentle exercises that promote your energy flow. Do-In combines gentle and effective meridian (conduit of vital energy in the body used in Acupuncture) stretches and mobilizations, with meditative and breathing techniques as well as … [Read more...] about do-in, dynamic meditation

soft belly meditation- Body Fullness

During my studies of Somatics I learned from my teacher Mark Taylor about the soft-belly practice that I would like to share with you. It is a great way to increase your awareness of the body and to let go of fear and emotions. When I facilitate a Chi Nei Tsang or Somatic treatment, often receiver respond with surprise to how many tensions their belly carry. Our "guts" … [Read more...] about soft belly meditation- Body Fullness

what makes Shiatsu so unique?

Shiatsu in Japanese literally means “finger pressure”, yet this Japanese ancestral form of bodywork goes beyond simple massage technique. Jushas (Japanese word for the Shiatsu recipient) often report that they feel “nurtured, nourished, complete”, that they “received exactly what they needed”. How does Shiatsu work? Shiatsu promotes the healthy functioning of the organs. … [Read more...] about what makes Shiatsu so unique?

somatic movement education: a form of meditation for the active life.

I started meditating with Zen during my training with IOKAI Shiatsu. The two ideograms forming the character “IO” come from an old Buddhist Sutra. “IO” means “the King of Medicine”: the One who understands the root of disease, knows how to cure it and gives his life to doing so, keeping sickness forever at bay. You could say this is a dream we can all share: to be happy, … [Read more...] about somatic movement education: a form of meditation for the active life.