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vital energy

joy, the vibration of life~

Find a place inside where there's joy, and the joy will burn out the pain~ J. Campbell Let's celebrate once more the Vibration of Life with 2 simple and easy exercises to re-discover inner tranquility, foster positivity and share your joy with the world. Chinese New Year is here, with its amazing blue sky and crisp air. We can sense, still in the midst of winter, the … [Read more...] about joy, the vibration of life~

what makes Shiatsu so unique?

Shiatsu in Japanese literally means “finger pressure”, yet this Japanese ancestral form of bodywork goes beyond simple massage technique. Jushas (Japanese word for the Shiatsu recipient) often report that they feel “nurtured, nourished, complete”, that they “received exactly what they needed”. How does Shiatsu work? Shiatsu promotes the healthy functioning of the organs. … [Read more...] about what makes Shiatsu so unique?