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Martial arts

what makes Shiatsu so unique?

Shiatsu in Japanese literally means “finger pressure”, yet this Japanese ancestral form of bodywork goes beyond simple massage technique. Jushas (Japanese word for the Shiatsu recipient) often report that they feel “nurtured, nourished, complete”, that they “received exactly what they needed”. How does Shiatsu work? Shiatsu promotes the healthy functioning of the organs. … [Read more...] about what makes Shiatsu so unique?

shiatsu kept me going!

What  Robin has to say: shiatsu kept me going! Training in any martial arts include a certain risk of injuries. During sparing I recently had my knee twisted. It did not feel like much at the time but in the evening I could not strech my leg and I was limping miserably around. On that same day, Anne did a Shiatsu treatment on my knee (that somehow also included taking … [Read more...] about shiatsu kept me going!