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are you aware that you carry the world in your cells?!

Do you remember the time when you started as one single cell?

Well, in the Somatic Movement approach we believe your body does, in fact,  carry this memory and this awareness.

Try for a moment to feel yourself as the magnificent living organized cluster of cells you became. Your cells are collectively working together to create and safeguard your health.

They are individual living organisms that are constantly breathing, moving, vibrating in rhythm, eating, and reproducing by dividing. They are born, they grow and die. They are individual entities with their own membranes, yet working together.

Studies have proven that they communicate together, have a memory, display survival instinct. They are aware of and responsive to their environment, learning and making decisions to keep it balanced, just like you do in the bigger world, your most immediate world.

So if you think of health on the most basic level, you will see that it should be a safe environment that allows you to blossom, breathing, eating, communicating, within healthy boundaries.

My teacher European IOKAI Shiatsu founder Kazunori Sasaki Sensei often compares the body to our society. Just like our cells and organs work together to orchestrate our health, we as human social beings know that the best way to find peace is to share openly with others, communicating and co-operating for a healthy society.

During my Somatic Movement studies I came to realize how much healing presence and vitality I could access from embodying my cellular world through cellular breathing, activating cellular fluids and understanding the cell wall, but unfortunately, our lives are so stressful and busy, we lack the necessary depth of focus to do this.

Could we learn to access our cells’ consciousness, even in stressful situations? Yes, we can! In the next Somatic Movement Education series, this coming September, I will introduce you to practical tools you can use to activate healing and vitality and  powerful cellular consciousness.

Join us and meet the vital world of your very own living cells!

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Anne Cousin

In his well-worth-reading book The Biology of Belief, Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D., emphasizes that our cells’ membranes are the brain center of the cells; where all the chemical ballet of survival happens. If we remove the DNA, the cell is able to survive (unable to divide) but with its membrane impaired it dies.


What are BodyMindMovement and Somatic Movement Education?

BodyMindMovement ( BMM) is a technique which is part of the Somatic Education field (SME) which was developed in the USA. The term ‘soma’ means ‘of the body’, and this technique aims to help us learn about ourselves and about the world from our own physical being.

This technique promotes well- being and personal transformation through touch, movement exploration, imagery and experiencing the anatomical structure. With this method we explore the relationship of our body within its different parts and systems and their relationship to our way of being and feeling.

This workshop series offers various bodily practices based on the BMM approach. We will look into anatomy and physiology of the body from the perspective of health. We learn to tune into our body’s different layers by means of exercises such as stretching, breathing, self-massage, guided visualization, body alignment and movement and others.

These bodily experiences allow you to meet with yourself, perceive your bodily organization and increase your range of movement and expression through your own physical self, helping you to generate complete well-being.


For more information about the coming series and booking click here!

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Anne Cousin is a Registered Somatic Movement Educator,Member of ISMETA, as well as a European IOKAI Shiatsu practitioner.