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experience a private sessions in somatic movement education.

What is it about?!

Somatic movement educators and therapists, Mark Taylor and other BodyMindMovement practitioners  work with individual clients to create the conditions in the body and mind for internal transformation and healing processes to take place.

Attending to a client’s fundamental health, rather than a specific pathology, we assess the flow of movement and energetic patterns through the body. We then facilitate the physical transformation of those patterns toward pathways of greater physical ease, noting changes in the emotional, psychological, and spiritual layers of being. In order to facilitate change, we:

• Understand the patterns of human developmental movement and how those patterns express in daily life.

• Know anatomy and the body systems, and how to facilitate awareness in them through touch and movement facilitation.

• Recognize how deviation from a path of ease in one body system or movement will affect other systems or movements in the body.

• Attend to how the body is influenced by the mind and how the mind is influenced by the body.


In May 2012, 3  to 10, Mark C.Taylor will be hosted by The Moving Touch and White Lotus in HK. and offering private sessions as well as workshops (Somatic Movement Flyer-2).

Let’s take the opportunity for a private session!

Private Session with Mark Taylor ($800/60 minutes) email [email protected] to book. Spaces limited.