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simple yet powerful idea of “yielding”

Before the classes, I felt my body is out of alignment all the time.  I tried so hard to correct and reduce the pain and cope up with all the injuries.

After the two classes, I was amazing by the simple yet powerful idea of “yielding”.  I have to say since then, this has became a great tool for me. My body seemed registrar the idea of yielding, no matter walking, standing, sitting, it reminds me to focus on myself to let go all the excess.  Simply yield to the earth and let the sky pull me, I was more centred. This also helps me to get away from my monkey mind, when ever I was awaken by the idea of yield, the moment I knew I am back into me. My body and my mind were together.

When I did yoga, the idea of yielding also help me to get rid of the unaware stresses.  Whenever I realize myself struggling or pushing, I shift to yield, immediately, I feel much more safe and stable.  My arms and feet were no longer heavy, but became pillars of a human “building”.  Yielding is like building up foundation, the process of yielding can be so fine and meticulous, I scan each part of my body.  Began from the relationship with floor, up through parts of the body, feel the infinite extension of ends.  The awareness helps me to reorganize and correct different parts of my body.

Not only I felt less of the sore muscles.  My mind has became more ease!

Thanks to Anne for the great gift of “yielding”, I know I’ll always have it in me!!! 😀

~ Yvonne Lau