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grateful to be featured in japan!


English translation:

Shiatsu can experience authentic Hong Kong title “The Moving Touch”

Photo1:Shiatsu in Japan, which is widely recognized as a “Shiatsu ZEN” and “meeting the king I” in Western countries: the caption. Anne-laden training under Sensei Kazunori Sasaki in France has opened a salon of Shiatsu in Hong Kong. Salon of Anne’s healing space lined with tatami mats and futon make me feel the sum. Balloon: Shiatsu therapy and the goal is to increase the natural healing power that each human being has originally have been using the flow of qi.

Photo2: When you arrive to pick you up in the first herb tea salon: caption. It guided me to the Japanese-style room that Anne was dressed in work clothes and socks of the sum is no matter how you look at it, but a strange sense of mixed Japanese and Western. To relax during the session as they soundly and reliably every time. Flower Essences favorite Anne: balloon. Have blown a ring to clear the energy of the room in between each session.

Photo3: Special price to our customers reading the magazine Veggy: caption. Try to experience shiatsu visits to Hong Kong then? ! Course to choose is / HK $ 1000 for 90 minutes (usually, HK $ 1100) two types, Shiatsu session / HK $ 750 and 60 minutes (HK $ 800 usually). Course of the initial consultation and 60 minutes (HK $ 700). Reservations required: balloon. (July is the holiday for us, adapted to the special price is available since May 8)